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Postby Dark_Angel » Wednesday 24. January 2007, 11:48

I went on her friends myspace and this is what Vicky Mcelland wrote about any models ! :fluchen: :fluchen:

I think she should keep opinions to herself rather than write about it!

Jan 18 2007 4:14A

Hey Dude! I fucked around with my pictures and clicked the private view button (instead of public view) coz I thought that having pics up of myself only contradicted what I'm always banging on about about how shallow the world is and how face-value seems to be the only thing that matters in society these days; and how when people put tarty pics up of themselves they are not only exploiting themselves, but they are selling themselves- fuckin prostitution and 'safe' pornography (these pics I'm on about) are edging towards being in the same category! It's like- you ain't allowed porn on myspace, so lets all push the limits and put pics of our boobs bursting out our bras but NO NIPPLES and our arses in 'belt' skirts but NO BUM CRACK! What is the world coming to Emma!! And as a result, the majority of these people don't look sexy or classy, but they look cheap and dirty like the dogs they are. Who are they trying to impress? Coz listen here people who put 'model' pics or whatever, it don't impress no one! It makes you a sheep- just like all the other slappers bearing too much flesh!

Yeah so THATS why lol! But then I thought'fuck it!' all my pics are just of my face or me with the Damned and THAT's cool. Hows it going dude- ain't seen ya for a while!!
Love Vickstarr

Take a look for yourself! i think she's an insecure, bitter person to have opinions like that!
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Postby Badspirit Studios » Friday 23. February 2007, 03:46

Well Dark _Angel, there will always be people with off-the-wall opinions, people who hate how you look, how I look, how anybody else looks and has some outrageous statement about everything and anything. Frankly, who the fuck cares..... don't let her get to you.
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Badspirit Studios
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Postby Phellan » Friday 2. March 2007, 01:44

I'd have to agree with Badspirits on this one, just depends on the individuals point of view and ideas about what's appropriate or not.

Sometimes they can seem pretty extreme, but I know a lot of folks who would berate folks from dressing anything "goth" like to use the term loosely cause they think it's too risque or on the edge, but have little issues wearing clothing or behaving in mannerisms I find totally offensive and degrading.

Merely an opinion of what you think is acceptable -- so long as you recognize that it's a personal thing it's not too much of an problem as far as I'm concerned, people are allowed to have them. Only an issue when it's forcibly applied to others. . .
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Postby Suicide_Note » Friday 23. March 2007, 14:15

Yeah, im always pointed for my point of view im the Blac-Sheep of the family and you know what i like it.
A lot of people will never undertand how other people feels, just becouse their education or just becouse they are too coward to express themselves and i cant live without saying what i think so im always in trouble for that lol
And one thing is cheap porn and other is nude art nothing to one thing or other
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Postby Seraph » Sunday 25. March 2007, 04:17

Yeah... When people want to do something with themselves or anything, there is always some jack-ass that has an opinion about it. I know when I get done writing the book I am about to, I am sure that there is going to be some jerk that just HAS to give their opinion on the matter, as if I even give a care to what she or he has to say on my subject matter.

My point is, don't worry over what she has to say. Chances are nine times out of ten she is out griping at the world not to judge her while she feels justified in judging everyone else. Hence the article she wrote...

I know I'm a little late with this but better late than never. =o)
"One who seeks to find the Universe, will find nothing...
However, one who seeks to know themselves, will find the Universe."
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Postby Griever » Sunday 25. March 2007, 15:42

I didn't read her post, but I get the picture from the replies here. Dark Angel, anyone who says anything bad about your pics or your looks does not deserve your attention because that's not true. Sure, not everyone likes the goth style and everyone is entitled to their own oppinion, but in your case and in the case of most models here, it's simply not true. Most of the models here are one the most beautiful girls I have ever seen and that goes for you, too.
I think there is no better style than the dark style (goth/vamp/metal etc), and that the most beautiful girls are those type of girls.

I also agree with the replies here.
Just take it easy. You have only one life so, enjoy it. ;)
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Postby dark dead angel » Sunday 17. June 2007, 19:42

How pathetic !

I can't imagine there are still persons capable of wasting their time telling bullshit. Dark_angel do not listen to her and don't lose any more of you're time to read useless post like those!
The fact is that you're perfect and she want so much to be just like you, them she gets nervous ! Just read her fuck*ng post, she's so jealous she cound'nt be as beautiful as you are.
Just listen to me, Don't waste any more of your time reading bullshit from a bitch who can't find a way to live.
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dark dead angel
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Postby Darcy » Sunday 23. March 2008, 23:51

i think shes just jealous,we should poke her,with razor sharp sane,honestly
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Postby BlackPriestess » Friday 28. March 2008, 22:10

The woman has low self-esteem and probably the only reason why she's written such pointless entry is to make herself feel better. To ram it down her throat that beautiful girls are worth less than she is.

***sorry, for bringing up old topic***
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Postby Photo Dreams » Tuesday 8. April 2008, 08:22

This person sounds like she has very low self esteem, she should be encouraged to seek help/guidance.
comments like this should simply be ignored, they are only her personal opinions derived from her own emotional insecurities.

There is a huge difference between porn and art nude, glamour etc, and i am sure that there is some porn that has an artistic creativity involvement.

At the end of the day....what you view, accept, a personal choice.
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Photo Dreams
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Postby TaleOfRevenge » Wednesday 10. December 2008, 15:49

You just really should not care.You know,there are people that do not have their own life,so that;s why they are trying to enter in someone's else...Always there is someone saying me how I should look like and decide for yourselve.As many people below said-it is just a personal oppinoin,a point of view.If you see something like a good or pretty,than this is just like that.
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Postby isis_bathory » Wednesday 24. December 2008, 01:42

TaleOfRevenge wrote:You just really should not care.You know,there are people that do not have their own life,so that;s why they are trying to enter in someone's else...Always there is someone saying me how I should look like and decide for yourselve.As many people below said-it is just a personal oppinoin,a point of view.If you see something like a good or pretty,than this is just like that.

totally right :)
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