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[distortured artist]

Postby [distortured artist] » Tuesday 7. June 2005, 04:09

Greetings all...do comment...although you'll probably need to speak English to understand what the fuck I'm talking about...

[gushing from the rush of lust within]

Dreaming schemes of murder,
Somewhere south of paradise,
Staining snow white steps to Heaven red,
My foul tongue slithers blisses
Hissing kisses laced in death
As her hills and valleys start to pump with sweat

Now knife blades gleam through virgin screams:

She screamed from torn flesh down below
Her body (limp) swung to and fro
From every bash I dared to throw
Beneath a cindered Heaven spun
From Gehennah to Eden won
Of lustward spurts and carnal tongues

Oh…pale venus peers,
Although I slayed the memory
Her melody hangs near,
Crimson runs from barbed wire crowns
To greet her parting lips,
Where wide eyed to demise
Her thirsting tongue so sweetly sips

Furthermore I puncture,
Lustfull fucks to break her in,
Deeper drive her nails into my skin,
Desire has raped its rapture,
And as those rosey tears occur
Stronger grows the urge to cum in her

Then from behind I spread her wings,
And from her eyes come blood and things
To coarse the choras Angels sing
In unholy cathedrals where steeples sting

White poison wearing thin,
She bows her lifeless head again,
Gushing from the rush of lust within
[distortured artist]
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Postby ApocalypseWoman » Monday 10. October 2005, 21:35

damn great song :banger2: I like that style, you wrote it?

Postby BRUTAL-ROB » Sunday 22. January 2006, 14:05

Auditorium Of Souls

Servants of death came like shadows in the dark.
Slowly they descend in the auditorium of souls.
They came to kill you.
Your not in heaven...............
Your in the hallway of hell..

You can't escape from here.
You can go in but never leave....
This is the auditorium of souls.
Demons hunt your soul.....
You must stay...

This is the only way to escape from life.
Your the human waste of life..
This is ment to be........
We will rip your heart out.......
and feat it to you......

We are the the souls of anger and pain.
Kneel and feel our power.........
no more tears for your stupidity......
Die die by our hands.....
Drop down and feel the pain.

The door is closing slowly.....
This is your time....
Hear the whispering voices..........

Welcome to the AUDITORIUM OF SOULS..................
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Postby BRUTAL-ROB » Sunday 22. January 2006, 14:16

your pain

With tears in your eye's....you cry for help.
No one nows your pain....
Now you have to stand up for your self.
Just like me.
But i almost DIED.....
Come on girl Distroy what was.
And live what is.

I feel your pain.....that's pushing you down.
Tears of anger and hate stream down...
I will alway's be on your side..
We shall fight for love and Understanding.

With tears in my eye's i kiss your lips....
My hart dark and frosen will melt.....
Your eye's will see my love for you.........
I am the one girl......i am the one who will save you from hate and pain.
I love you..........

No more pain.....no more sorrow.
See my eye's and go on.......
Your distroying pain will be gone.
Let me hold you....MY LOVE.....
Feel my hart is bleeding for you..........

With tears in our eye's we belief in love again.
No more pain......No more.....hate......just love.
Just us......
I killed them for you.....
THey where nothing more then useless souls...
I love you..... my dark-angel...
I love you.......
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Postby Rheehemoth » Tuesday 10. March 2009, 12:45

I have a fair few to post, so excuse the length.

Aeon Ov Death
The bleeding stars foresee this madness,
My mind ov malice.
Taking up their throne,
Ov deceit and falsity.
Baphomet, give me strength.
The Aeon Ov Death has come.

Men who see themselves as gods.
Not deserving life as mere mortals.
Our attraction to chaos serves us well.
Destroying these 'divine ones'.
The flames of rage grow.
Words broken, like bones.

We rip and tear the bodies.
Prove that they are not almighty.
Death ov lies.
Time for the apocalypse.
Demons and fiends ov the underworld,
Join me in the annihilation.

Inception Of The Bloodbath
The blood of the lamb
Consumed by the souls of the damned
Heaven's silver lining
Shall now turn to lead
Rise we will
From the chthonic lands

Let us ascend to power
And enslave those who oppose us
Our master, the horned one
Shows us the way and the will
The gift of immortality is given
To the blasphemous ones

The cosmic path
On which we crawl
Leads us to his domain
Inception of the bloodbath
Beginning of the slaughter
Tears of the fallen angels.

Synthetic Life
These voices, high and cold.
Haunting my dreams.
Dreams of malevolence.
I bring truth to the masses.
Behold this celestial map.
We hear the ethereal melodies.

Sothis in our sights.
This state of unrest.
Chaos illuminates the dark.
Dispersing the pandemonium.
This arcane knowledge.

Bathing in the transgression.
We reveal our sigil to all.
The heretics follow us.
And the malicious.
Synthetic life.
Listen to soundless voices sing.

Rapture Of Metaphysics
The shining darkness,
Casts shadows over the galaxy.
Nocturnal mysteries.
Mirrors reflect the memories.
Beauty, incomparable.
Images of life created in abstraction.

This cosmic reality thrives,
Devours the lurking spirits.
Subconciously, I journey.
Through this macrocosm.
I walk, in euphoria.
Viewing life through a window.

Rapture of metaphysics.
This presence I feel.
Seeing this life in greyscale.
Veils of darkness,
Begin to cover the sky.
The Earth begins to sleep.

Cleansing The Earth
As the black sun shines,
We call upon thy demons
To destroy these lies.
Hatred in it's purest form.
With the blade and the claw
Blood shall flow.

Death is now pestilent,
Souls stained with delusion.
I have heard the lies,
Been fed the preaching bullshit,
Seen the monotheistic whores.
Tonight, we bring the carnage.

Soaked in the blood of the holy
The taste of extermination, so sweet.
Eradication of the preachers,
Shattering the skulls,
Desecration of existence.
Suffer, they will.

Intoxicated from the stench of massacre,
Torture satisfies our sadistic lust.
Broken wings, limbs lacerated,
We butcher the survivors,
Bathing in misanthropy.
This earth is now cleansed.

Heaven's End
Possessed by the demons that dwell,
In these shadows that blind.
Destroyer of the holy light.
Visions of a false reality,
Reveling in the devastation.
Drowned in the blood of a god.

Chaos is brought upon the heavens,
These beautiful angels, now no more.
Slaughtered by the fiends of the unlight.
We rip apart these deluded minds.
Rejoicing in the massacre,
Burn the fucking corpses.

Spilling the blood of the innocent souls.
Mutilation of the holy ones.
As the churches burn,
We begin our reign.
Bringing eternal torture,
Entrails of the weak litter the ground.

Hymn Of Hell And Darkness
Desecration of the light,
Turns this cursed day, into blessed night.
Conquer and defile the almighty,
This bitter sunrise burns thine eyes.
Sacrifice of the prophet,
We thrive on heresy.

This bullet, my saviour.
Hatred fills my mind.
Thoughts of destruction and oblivion.
Eternal damnation, I wish to bring.
Stoke the embers of profanation,
The black flames of death haunt me.

Hymns of hell and darkness,
This lust for blood tormenting me.
Endless malice for the earth.
Misanthropy eclipses faith,
Vengeance is nigh.
The wrath of sin unleashed.

Raping the eyes,
Of all who have seen.
Genocide of the holy.
We command the armies of blasphemy.
The degradation of humanity,
Praise the death of salvation.

Hymns of hell and darkness,
This lust for blood tormenting me.
Endless malice for the earth.
Misanthropy eclipses faith,
Vengeance is nigh.
The wrath of sin unleashed.
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